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DIVISION I - Performance
Open to ALL models --- Original Finish, Customized, Resin, Other Original Finish. Proper tack/obstacles/props are required. ONE PHOTO PER HORSE PER CLASS.

1. Western Pleasure
2. Western Trail
3. Roping/Cutting
4. Western Games
5. Other West. Perf.
6. Huntseat Pleasure/ Park/Saddleseat
7. English Trail
8. Dressage
9. Hunter/Jumper over Fences
10. Other Engl. Perf.
11. Bareback
12. Harness
13. Costume

Champion Performance
Reserve Champion Performance

DIVISION II - Breyer Original Finish Halter
Breyer Little Bits Original Finish models only. One breed and one color class per horse. Original Finish horses can be ANY gender (we know it's hard to tell with OF LBs). includes horses with TB and/or QH breeding

14a. Stallion - QH/TB Molds
14b. Stallion - Morgan/ASB Molds
14c. Stallion - Draft/Arab Molds
15a. Mare - QH/TB Molds
15b. Mare - Morgan/ASB Molds
15c. Mare - Draft/Arab Molds
16a. Gelding - QH/TB Molds
16b. Gelding - Morgan/ASB Molds
16c. Gelding - Draft/Arab Molds
17. Foal/Yearling
18. Arabian
19. Morgan                
21. Quarter Horse
22a. Draft
22b. Pony
23. Gaited
24. Paint
25. Appaloosa
26. Other/Mix Breed
27. Bay
28. Chestnut/Sorrel
29. Black
30. White/Grey
31a. Pinto Color - Tobiano Pattern
31b. Pinto Color - Other Pinto Pattern
32. Appaloosa Color
33. Buck/Dun/Grulla
34. Palomino
35.Other color-Name

Champion Breyer OF
Reserve Champion Breyer OF

DIVISION III - Other Original Finish Halter
Open to all other Original Finish models ---Franklin Mint, Pour Horse, Hartland, etc. One breed and color class per horse. Paint includes horses with TB and/or QH breeding.

36a. Stallion, Pebbles
36b. Stallion, Non-Pebbles
37a. Mare, Pebbles
37b. Mare, Non-Pebbles
38a. Gelding, Pebbles
38b. Gelding, Non-Pebbles
39a. Foal/Yearling, North Lights
39b. Foal/Yearling, Non-North Lights
40. Arabian
41. Morgan
43. Quarter Horse
44a. Draft
44b. Pony
45. Gaited
46. Paint
47. Appaloosa
48. Exotic/Longear
49. Other/Mix Breed
50. Bay
51. Chestnut/Sorrel
52. Black
53. White/Grey
54a. Pinto Color - Tobiano Pattern
54b. Pinto Color - Sabino/Splash Pattern
54c. Pinto Color - Other Pinto Pattern
55. Appaloosa Color
56. Buck/Dun/Grulla
57. Palomino
58. Other color-Name

Champion Other OF
Reserve Champion Other OF

DIVISION IV - Customized Halter
Open to all Little Bit Scale customized, artist resin, and original sculpture models. Same rules as above, except that the gender classes are divided into three divions according to TYPE, not mold.

59a. Stallion, Light Breeds
59b. Stallion, Stock Breeds
59c. Stallion, Draft/Pony/Other Breeds
60a. Mare, Light Breeds
60b. Mare, Stock Breeds
60c. Mare, Draft/Pony/Other Breeds
61a. Gelding, Light Breeds
61b. Gelding, Stock Breeds
61c. Gelding, Draft/Pony/Other Breeds
62. Foal/Yearling
63. Arabian
64. Morgan
66. Quarter Horse
67a. Draft
67b. Pony
68. Gaited (does not include Spanish)
69. Paint
70. Appaloosa
71. Exotic/Longear
72a. All Spanish Breeds
72b. Other/Mix Breeds
73. Bay
74. Chestnut/Sorrel
75. Black
76. White/Grey
77a. Pinto Color - Tobiano Pattern
77b. Pinto Color - Sabino/Splash Pattern
77c. Pinto Color - Other Pinto Pattern
78. Appaloosa Color
79. Buck/Dun/Grulla
80. Palomino
81. Other color-Name

Champion CM
Reserve Champion CM

FUN CLASSES - Both OF and Customized
THESE FUN CLASSES DO NOT COUNT TOWARDS CHAMPIONS OR RESERVES. Fantasy is for Little Bit scaled animals that are products of a vivid imagination. The showmanship and headstudy classes are for both fantasy and model horses and ponies. Class D is for dogs, cattle, etc. of Little Bit scale.

A. Fantasy Halter
B. Showmanship
C. Headstudy
D. Other LB scale Animal
E. Most Realistic Photo (new class! judged on background/setup: realism, how it sets off the model)
F. Best Photography (new class! judged on clarity, setup, lighting, printing, etc.)

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