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The Morocco Spotted Horse originated with six full blooded spotted Hackney horses (two stallions, four mares) imported from England into the United States in the early 1900s. During the height of this breed's activity, the registry accepted horses of mixed breeding provided they fulfilled the type and bloodline requirements of these six divisions:
1. American Saddle Horse
2. Tennessee Walking Horse
3. Thoroughbred
Hackney Horse
Description: C:\Users\tara\Documents\My Webs\images\Image001 (2).jpgHorses with any kind of stock horse, draft horse, or pony blood were not accepted for registration. Color Definitely marked, tobiano, overo, combination (tovero), or sabino patterns. Stallions could not have less than 10% color, mares and geldings not less than 3% color on a white background, not counting white on face or legs. No horse under 14.2 hands, preferably above 15 hands. No less than 850 pounds, not to exceed 1300 pounds. Neat trim hoof, soundly proportioned, without excessive length. Clean fetlock with a minimum of hair. ACTION must be very active, attractive, showing smooth easy movement characteristic of respective breed divisions. Horses that singlefoot, pace, fox-trot, paso fino, or run walk were accepted in this association.

The breed association was organized in 1935, but began to suffer in the 1970s. By the 1990s, the association was virtually defunct, but horses can still be found if a person looks hard enough. This was a breed worth preserving, but it may be truly extinct soon, if it isn't already.

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