Pioneer Classic Saturday, May 13, 2017......Doors Open: 7:15 am - Classes Begin: 8:15 am
Entries must be postmarked by May 1. Late entries will be charged an extra $5 late-fee.
Mail Entry To: Tara Oliver, 2503 S. Lookout Ridge Dr., Mapleton, UT 84664


If proxy showing, name of acting proxy:____________________________

If child is showing, name of child:______________________________


City, State, Zip:______________________________________________



Paying With: (___) Mail Check (___) Mail Money Order (no cash please) (___) Paypal funds

______Half table (18'' x 6') Halter - first pay/first served; there is a limited # available =$30

______Full table (3'x6') Halter - first pay/first served; there is a limited # available =$40

______Proxy Entry (no table provided) = $3 x number of horses entered (up to ten).

______$5 Late Fee if postmarked after May 1.

Total Amount Due: ______________________________
·Please make checks payable to Tara Oliver. A fee of 25.00 will be charged for any bounced checks.
·Entries received with incorrect balance or balance due will be held until fees are paid in full.
·Entries are not complete until a signed release is on file with the Showholder.
·Showholders are not responsible for lost mailed entries. Feel free to check with me to make sure your entry was received. I will try to post the received entries to the website as they arrive.
A signed release from each entrant (or parent or guardian if you are under 18) is required, so follow up all entries with a printed copy, please! You may also bring your signed release with you and submit it at registration, but you will NOT BE ALLOWED TO SHOW WITHOUT THE SIGNED RELEASE ON FILE.

I hereby release the event coordinators, judges, helpers, and all employees of the Hotel of any liability for any personal injury, property damage or loss that may occur during the course of this one-day event. I further understand that all judges' decisions are final, and I agree not to hold any judge or member of the event staff liable for any decision or judgment which is made in the course of the event. I have read and understood the rules of this show and agree to abide by these rules. I understand that if these rules are violated, I may be asked to leave the class or event at any time with no refund of fees.

Signature:________________________________________ Date: ________________

Parent/Guardian:__________________________________ Date: