Pioneer Classic Donations

Pioneer Classic is seeking donations to be raffled or auctioned off during the show or on MH$P. We have already had several very kind hobbyists offer their services, and we appreciate your consideration so much! This show would not be possible without your generosity. Last year, we had so many outstanding people donate that it helped motivate me to hold the show again this year.

For each person that donates, we will make an 8x11 color poster with images to go on the donation table (or you, the contributor, can make it), and also recognize them for their generosity in the show program (please feel free to send an ad for us to use). Also feel free to send business cards that we can place beside your ad/donation. If you are interested in donating, please contact Tara Oliver at tara (at) taverstables (dot) com. Thank you so much!

Here is a list of those sweet individuals who have already sent or promised to send donations:

Cristine Holt

Golden West Champsionship Show

Thank you for your generosity!

A  NAN-Approved Show

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