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Breyer Little Bits Club!

Join the Breyer Little Bits Club today! We offer photo showing, updates on new Little Bit scale models and resins, and much more! This club is open to any one who wishes to show model horses (any make or mold) of the Little Bit scale!


THIS CLUB IS OPEN TO ANY MAKE, MOLD, OR RESIN in Little Bit (or Paddock Pal) scale! The general scale for this club is about 4"-5" high....but that varies, so use your judgement and feel free to ask questions along the way. Sorry, no Donna Chaney resins, since they are considered large SM scale.
        One thing that adds flavor and interest to our little bit shows is when someone enters a lesser known make of horse. We encourage the showing of all types, makes, and models of horses and other equine (or non-equine) so long as they are *not* stablemate scale or larger than little bit size. 
        If you want to spice up your show string with a lesser known make of horse, be on the safe side. Write the name of the breed on the back as well as its size in real life in inches. It may keep your little horse from being disqualified by a judge who is not familiar with that type of horse. After all, there is more to life than boning up on all the different makes of model horses, right? Right!  Little Bit types don't have to be in exact scale, but an  appropriate size is appreciated. If you have doubts, check with me and we'll work it out. So keep your eyes open for new and untested types of little bit sized horses.

        Probably one of the things you're wondering is, "How much does this club cost to join?" Right now, it's free. The only that you have to pay is postage if you plan to show in the paper (snail mail) photo shows. There also free online photo shows. Find out more about the point-only photo shows 

        The BLBC has a Yahoo! Group Listserve, where we can post messages to one another about anything having to do with Little Bits! I would highly recommend joining! Check out out here:
Breyer Little Bits Club
Thanks for your support!

        The BLBC has a wonderful pointkeeper who keeps tracks of the points earned by each horse. Not only does a model get points for placing in a BLBC Photo Show (online or mail-in), but a Little-Bit scale horse can also get points from placing in a live show! So be sure to keep Deb the pointkeeper updated with how your LB's are doing in the live show ring. The points are given 1st thru 10th (10 points for 1st and 1 point for 10th). A special prize will be given to the LB with the most live show points. So get out and SHOW THOSE LITTLE-BITS!!
        Just so you know, the models shown in online photo shows and those shown in paper photo shows will be kept seperate in the point keeping. That is why it is okay for one type to have more shows (monthly mail-in as opposed to bi-monthly online), as it won't be an unfair advantage!

        If you would like to join, pretty much all the information you need is within the webpage or on the Yahoo! group (address above). But please e-mail me, the webmaster, with any questions you have! I'm happy to help!

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